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The Mechanical Design and Fabrication of
Heat Exchanger, Reactor, Pressure Vessel in Thailand.


SLOT-NANKAI COMPANY LIMITED has been commenced Mechanical Design and Fabrication of Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel, Reactor, Tower/Column, Piping etc., in Thailand since 1986. The various kinds of equipments have been supplied to/across domestic and overseas industrial facilities with meticulous technical know-how and uncompromising quality management by available Code ASME, ASTM, JIS, GB, PED, API,TEMA, HTRI and HPGSL. We are proud to be a part of the Industrial Development and Economic Progress on the global level.

Slotnankai Get to know us
Get to know us

We has its roots and essence originally derived from a Japanese

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Slotnankai Why Us?
Why Us?

If you are looking for durable, long-lasting and less-maintenance

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Slotnankai Our Service
Our Service

We has not so much what we know as what we do. we make things happen

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Slotnankai Safety

Safety is the first and foremost issue in all activities of SLOT-NANKAI

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Why Us?

World-class Japanese company, expert of all types of Pressure vessel available in the world.

Slot Nankai has a long-standing reputation for repairing steam press compressors that must be effective against high-pressure endurance with professional coil and welding techniques, creators of both their own work and work. World class repair Today, the company has won the metal coil winding machine from MG Italy for more than 15 years.

Our Services

SLOT-NANKAI has commenced mechanical design and fabrication of Heat Exchanger, Reactor, Tower/ Column, Pressure Vessel and Piping, etc., in Thailand since 1986. About 4,500 units of products have been supplied to both domestic and foreign market whereby 70% customers are repeating orders to SLOT-NANKAI. We maintain a high quality control with available code of JIS, ASTM, API, TEMA, ASME and HTRI. We are proud t be a part of the industrial development and economic growth in Thailand.

Slotnankai Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger

As we have built up a rigid Quality practice based on ASME standard, we have been spearheading in high grade material welding in Thailand.

Slotnankai Pressure Vessel
Pressure Vessel

We have long experience in fabricating Titanium pressure vessel in our clean room. To one of the biggest refinery.

Slotnankai Tower

Titanium clad tower, stainless clad tower with maximum length of 95' (29 meter).

Slotnankai Piping

Double piping with Titanium, Aluminum alloy for Polycarbonate plant. We are the only fabricator who are relied on by customer for this piping.

Slotnankai Reactor, Crystallizer
Reactor, Crystallizer

Reactor such as large diameter (<18', 5.5meter) Agitator Tank that requires inside shell surface polishing, with high grade material coils and agitator installation shall also be our competitive.

Slotnankai J-Power Project
J-Power Project

J-Power Project 2018 is a module project. SLOT-NANKAI is a project leader of this module and it will use in the power plant of Japan.

Slotnankai ERA Project
ERA Project

ERA Module Assembly Project