Certificate & Safety

Morning Assembly

Safety is the first and foremost issue in all activities of SLOT-NANKAI. In order to control the health and environment of all employee, Morning Assembly is conducted on every Wednesday based on our Safety Rules and Regulations. Thereby safety / 5S award is given to a group that marked best score of the month.

Safety Work

Wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) such as respiratory protections, Safety Glasses, Hearing Protections and Wire harness must be compulsory at any time. SLOT-NANKAI autonomous safety standard has contributed several Zero-accident Award from our customers as well as successful project completion.


First step in the pursuit of Safety lays fundamental principles of 5S "five S", namely Sorting, Setting, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining. Most of the visitors see our factory controlling these norms to a high degree. Regardless of shabby facility, 5S is the touchstone to accomplish Health, Safety and Environment.