Why Us?

When you look at the world now

it seems that the engineering capability of this industry in general has far gone down its esteem. Thereupon, SLOT-NANKAI has dedicated and will challenge in forging this theme in our age. We will make durable product for your long lasting plant. Our product will be no mark for repair not only a few years. Your expansion plan for the next decade would definitely require such equipment that Slot-NANKAI fabricates. This is why SLOT-NANKAI being

one of your powerful resource and that is what we make a difference from other firms

Slotnankai Durability

Because Our Products is Durable It was last year when SLOT-NANKAI

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Slotnankai Quality

Slot-Nankai has been the first Fabricator in Thailand who has got qualified with ASME

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Slotnankai Delivery

We has not so much what we know as what we do. we make things happen

Why Us?

It was last year when SLOT-NANKAI has received a repair order for a Pressure Vessel that was fabricated back in 1964 by mother company Nankai Chemical Engineering.

Long life productivity used to be one of the tradition and culture of this Japanese spirited company. Strength of SLOT-NANKAI and the very reason why it has been long endearing to the users because our product is durable, long lasting and eventually project cost saving that you could count on at budgetary stage.